VMN MUSIC SPOTLIGHT is the audio streaming platform for artists, content makers, and record labels to share their music while connecting with fans around the globe, maximizing revenue, online streams, and enhancing their online presence in the process.

Give your work an extra push and boost revenue with VMN Music Spotlight which boasts an average of 50K monthly visits/users and growing steadily.

The audio platform for artists, and Record labels. Share, promote your sound, and get discovered - boosting streams, record sales, and online presence.

  • Music chart placement with Global monitoring

  • Music added to one or two radio stations on our platform for airplay with now playing tweets

  • Improved music streams/airplay downloads/sales

  • New music blog post/review

  • Daily newsletter New Music/Artist alerts read by 30,000+ people

  • On-air radio commercial running multiple times a day and also visibly displayed on our social media handles

  • Up to 30 days promotional buzz

  • Artist profile with artist/track radio

  • Full embed controls and shareable links

  • VMN Music Spotlight top-50 chart 

  • Scheduled release date

  • Replace tracks

  • Interactive promo ad placements across our platform

  • Artist/music Premiere

  • Music monetization

  • VMN Music Spotlight #Hotnewmusic Playlist inclusion

  • Artist interview

Some artists we are serving and reviews so far...

VMN Music is turning passion, music, and technology into an irresistible force that promotes new artists and fosters global networks through a shared love of music and entertainment.

Through music promotions and innovative tags, VMN Music shines spotlights on the music we love and promotes the artists we adore.

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