Brittney Crush Drops Tantalizing New Single "Window"

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Brittney Crush’s latest single Window is a sexy, finger-tapping sultry blend with a strong, groovy beat that leads you into the song and takes you for a head-bopping ride, which keeps you going long after the song is over.

Window” is a soulful song with a nostalgic feel of 70’s R&B music reminiscent of Roberta Flack and Gladys Knight with a twist of a modern-day love ballad. The track has a strong soulful vibe which is rounded off nicely by a good blend of instrumentals – particularly a strong bass, grinding away and laying the groundwork to be perfectly overlaid with the sultry tone of Brittney’s vocals. Her vocals are strong, with well blended and pleasing harmonies.

Though the lyrics to “Window” are sexy and soulful, it is undeniably infused with a bit of sass and spunk. It’s clear the lyricist knows who she is and what she wants; and is not afraid to express it, as is obvious here, “…show me what you got, I know what I want…show me some love, cos you know just what I came here for…”

So, you almost wouldn’t expect it, fooled as you may be with its strong presence, but “Window” shows it is also lyrically expressive with a vulnerability that is disarming, “…I’ve seen so many things being around the world, but I need you right now...I need you, need you baby…can you hear me from my window…”

It is not surprising that Brittney Crush has been getting gradual attention from music industry professionals across all different fields of the business and has been highly praised by fans around the US, Puerto Rico, Central America, Canada, and The UK who love “Window”.

Even though the song stops almost abruptly, leaving you wanting more…needless to say, with this new track, Brittney definitely ‘Crush-ed” it!

Listen to Brittney Crush's latest single Window below.

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