Inder Paul Sandhu Drops New EP "The Colindale Tape"

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Inder Paul Sandhu Drops New EP "The Colindale Tape"

Songwriter, vocalist, rapper and fashion designer Inder Paul Sandhu is steadily making his mark on the music scene.

The London (Essex) based singer has recently released his latest EP, "The Conlindale Tape" which by all means is a powerful project that demonstrates Sandhu's vocals in a very distintive way. He has managed to express himself in a different style while completely owning the genre he chooses to paint his song with. While his sound have been compared to that of music icons Lenny Kravitz, Prince and Amy Winehouse, we can't help but add John Legend to the growing list.

‘The Colindale Tape’ Silky smooth vocals with the right amount of husk and gravel poured over them coming out of the face of an Indian, East Londoner. Inder Paul’s sound is just as enigmatic as himself. When asked who his biggest inspiration was regarding this new sound Inder Paul said it’s actually his mother. "She’s got the voice of an angel, she just didn’t have the opportunities I now do. Life was different for her’ ‘This tape came out of such an ugly season, but that's why I love music and our ability to create. For as long as we are able to create in our own respectable and individual ways…things aren’t as bad as they seem. I didn’t hold back on this one at all."

Listen to the new EP below!


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