Keith Sweat Is Giving Some "Good Love" This 2016

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Keith Sweat Is Giving Some "Good Love" This 2016

2016 is looking bright for R&B as we get to have the first taste of some "Good Love" from R&B crooner Keith Sweat. The baby-making single is co-produced by Sweat, Derek Allen, and Jason Z.Scott.

“It’s been three years since my last release… Musically, ‘Good Love,’ feels good and lyrically, it’s classic Keith Sweat. There’s been a lot of talk of bringing R&B back to what it used to be. With this record, I’m saying it never left,” Sweat said in a press release.

Good Love came in just in time for Valentine's Day and will be one of if not the Lovers pick for the romantic day.

The single is the first from Sweat's upcoming 12th studio album which we should be expecting later this year.

Sweat also hosts his own radio show called "The Sweat Hotel" on iHeart Radio.

Get a feel of the Good Love below and download it on iTunes.


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