Listen To Alvin Gene's Smooth Love Ballad, "She's Gonna Find It"

Updated: Aug 15

Listen To Alvin Gene's Smooth Love Ballad, "She's Gonna Find It"

Alvin Gene grew up in Hartford, Connecticut (United States). He grew up singing songs by the Jackson 5, Temptations, Kool and The Gang, and many other ole school artists. Although he claims himself to be an ole funkmaster with beats in the tradition of Cameo, George Clinton, James Brown, and others, he can also slow it down with smooth slow songs in the tradition of Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Isaac Hayes and many more Which is evident in his latest single, She's Gonna Find It.

Alvin Gene decided to release the new single which is his first, as an indie artist with a smooth slow r&b blues sound, following the support of his beautiful wife Deborah and his son Alvin III, who kept pushing him. She's Gonna Find It Is a real true life song that men experience each and every day and that as men we can never underestimate the real intelligence of a woman no matter how ignorant we might think she is. A song with a POWERFUL message especially for men.

Stream the new single below!


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