Listen To "Good Without You" By Rée Celine

Listen To "Good Without You" By Rée Celine

VMN Music | 15/11/2020

Rée Celine tells us it's okay to be in love but not to the point where you lose yourself in the process with her latest single, "Good Without You".

The south London singer-songwriter has quietly been making waves in the R&B scene with support from some of the UK’s premier DJ’s, including Nadia Jae (1xtra), Relik Da Don (Reprezent Radio), DJ Ace (1xtra), OnTop FM, RnBrit, and Industry and Me.

Rée gives us all the feels with this new Brandy-Esque, personal, heartfelt anthem filled with layers of intricate harmonies, hard-hitting lyrics, and vocally reminiscent of the sound we’ve become accustomed to from Brandy and her latest B7 project.

Asking Rée what she wants her fanbase and listeners to get from this new single she said:

“Acknowledging that you have to be good on your own!... and not invest your entire self in another person because that way you become dependent or attached and will find it extremely difficult to disconnect. It’s okay to be in love but not to the point where you lose yourself in the process that includes accepting disrespect, inconsistency, infidelity, and your happiness”.

Even though 2020 has been a bit of a crazy year, Rée has made a name for herself amongst her peers (Co signs from Ling Hustle, Vonné, and Geovarn) industry professional and has gained genuine love from listeners leading her to start work on her debut EP due for release in


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Instagram: @reecelinex

Twitter: @_reecelinex_

Facebook: @ReeCelinex

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