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Listen To Reece Lemonaise "Body Language"

Listen To Reece Lemonaise "Body Language"

Reece Lemonius hit the scene with a Mike Perry collaboration titled ​Talk About It​. His first original debut ​Love Me went viral in August 2018, and garnered 50 million views on YouTube in just under two months. Since then, ​Reece Lemonius ​has continued to gain some great traction as a Pop/R&B artist.

With features on German and French TV, ​Reece​’s music has featured in multiple territories. Returning with Body Language,​ the track is lighter than ​Reece​’s back catalog and discusses light hearted themes. With gorgeous layered vocals and arpeggiated synths, the track is reminiscent of 00s feel-good Pop RnB which really showcases ​Reece​’s versatility. It’s about time we had a full throttle return to feel-good guilt free commercial music, and ​Reece​ is steering that ship. "Body Language is about a time I was at a party and met this girl for the first time. We didn't really say much, we just had this connection. Danced through the night, exchanged numbers - great time and a great vibe," Reece said about the new release.




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