London Singer-Songwriter Fola Re-releases Nostalgic 90’s R&B Inspired ‘Comfortable’

London singer/songwriter/producer Fola is tapping into the very heart of classic 90’s R&B music for his song ‘Comfortable’, giving a clear ode to the likes of Keith Sweat, Brandy, and SWV.

A huge task in itself but with ‘Comfortable’, Fola excels in delivering a masterpiece and creating a glorious piece of nostalgic music that will transport listeners back a couple of decades to the golden era of R&B.

The song was initially released in the summer of 2014 however with the heat coming from his debut EP Promise Land Chapter One - The Awakening, Fola went back in the studio to revamp this amazing song. “I switched engineers, for the rest of my songs on the project and I felt ‘Comfortable’ wasn’t popping like the rest. So I called up Villi and Femi and we decided to take the song to the next level musically and sonically with the help of Hot Money Studios” - says the singer/songwriter.

From Fola’s penetrating vocal tones and leading man charisma, to the groovy bass line and nostalgic musical backdrop courtesy of Villi 'Vbeats' Mambu, Femi Vessel and Fola himself [Da Lunchbox], to those lush backing vocals from newcomers Areatha Anderson and IDEH, everything about ‘Comfortable’ oozes with brilliant musicianship and supreme confidence. The result is a smooth, sensual and captivating modern day R&B record, which hasn’t forgotten its roots.

The London native is gearing up to release his debut EP trilogy Promise Land, for which the glorious ‘Comfortable’ serves as the lead single. Showcasing a more mature, smooth and sensual side, and venturing to further explore his R&B/Pop/Soul styled music, the Promise Land EP Chapter One is poised to be Fola’s best work to date.

Listen to Fola’s “Comfortable” here!



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