Multi-instrumentalist Steve Ray Ladson Releases His Incredibly Catchy Single, "Do You Know"

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Multi-instrumentalist Steve Ray Ladson Releases His Incredibly Catchy Single, "Do You Know"

Blending R&B, folk, and pop hooks, a feel-good tune with an irresistible hook, Multi-instrumentalist Steve Ray Ladson builds a universally catchy new song in "Do You Know", a song celebrating love and authentic connections.

A touring member of the five-time Grammy award-winning Blind Boys Of Alabama, as well as bassist of Robert Randolph And The Family Band, Ladson's musical talents need little introduction. "Do You Know" comes ahead of a full album, scheduled for release later this spring. "The song has a unique feel, relating between R&B, folk, country and some pop,” said Ladson. “It simply asks a question. Do you know how it feels when you’ve found something real and you love someone? A lot of people don’t realize what it’s like to have real love or someone who genuinely cares about them. Despite what occurs in their relationship. It’s universal; not only for lovers but friends as well."

The song’s concept first came together, while Ladson was on tour in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. “I was spending an evening with a few friends that I write with often. This particular day I picked up the acoustic guitar and just began to sing “do you know?” over and over and over until I made a voice memo for it. Later I came up with the rest of the lyrics and the bridge but it was inspired in the south in an area where major hit records have spawned. I produced it in such a manner where it comes across as commercial and acceptable for all ages, genres, and ethnicities of people. It was a natural single because it just moves you the moment the music begins. It’s a happy song with a happy feeling and the world needs happy feelings and often reminders about what we do and do not know about our family, friends, and people around you. So I ask the question to the world today, “Do You Know?”


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