Samuel Jack Is Letting You Know It's "Gonna Be Alright"

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Samuel Jack Is Letting You Know It's "Gonna Be Alright"

London born Samuel Jack brings a fresh and distinct sound through his passionate, storytelling lyrics and velvet vocals, resulting in a completely compelling delivery.

With his latest anthemic celebration of recovery single "Gonna Be Alright", Jack reminds us to keep telling ourselves we can overcome anything. Touching on very personal issues about dealing with anxiety and depression, “49 reasons to stay in bed” and the difficulty conveying those problems to others, “Hard to explain how I’m feeling until you’ve walked a couple of miles in my shoes”, the single is a heavy concept juxtaposed with an upbeat and joyous feeling. Featuring potent lyricism, swirling synth soundscapes and powerful vocals, the track gradually builds into a huge, anthemic chorus, making you want to hit repeat.

The new track is the lead single from Jack's highly anticipated debut album, Empty Pockets Crowded Heart, Vol. 1, a collection of tracks narrating the emotions and feelings of the singer’s journey thus far. “What I’ve learned, what I’ve seen, what I’ve felt - the adventure, the romance, the loss, the heartbreak, Honesty. Putting this record out into the world means everything to me, without being melodramatic this isn’t just a bunch of songs - to me, it's so much more than that.” confides Jack. Sonically the release is a beautiful reflection of his personality, representing his diversity of musical influences, from old school soul, to hip hop and blues.


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