Skye Morales Releases Her Long-Anticipated Single "Elevated"

Skye Morales Releases Her Long-Anticipated Single "Elevated"

Skye Morales returns to the scene after over a year, with her highly-anticipated new single entitled, "Elevated".

The new single is a fun and playful mesh of catchy rhymes and trippy vibes. "I’m thankful to have been able to take a break from releasing music because it allowed me to be in this free space that I’m in right now. The things we go through make us into the people we are. As artists, we need to allow ourselves to feel so that everybody else can feel us too. I hope you guys love the music", said Skye. "I’m putting my heart in it", she continues.

This first musical taste has a lot of fun creative energy, but for the last year Skye has been developing her sound at BNDWTH and not only has she been pushing herself, her new sound really pushes the envelope, digs deeper and explores the frustrations, vulnerabilities, and tensions of modern life.

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