South African R&B Artist OD The Kid Drops "Hold You Down"

South African R&B Artist OD The Kid Drops "Hold You Down"

London born South African raised artist/producer OD the Kid releases his latest single, "Hold You Down".

The new sound resurgence is an R&B/ Rap crossover track, reminiscent of Timbaland's early R&B production. It features soulful vocals from OD the KID and also exhibits his range of flows. Its significance is in how this blend of organic sounds was achieved by the 21-year-old, which combines a mature, minimalistic production style with youthful and lively storytelling.

The new song centers around OD the KID convincing his muse that he has the best intentions for her despite her not being forthcoming with her feelings. The song was released through Fake Deep. Records, his own independent label.

OD the KID grew up in South Africa and the influence can be seen in his percussive sound. He currently resides back in London where he is growing the Fake Deep. Records brand.


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