VMN Music Spotlight for Artists

Music Spotlight for Artists

Are you an artist (emerging, major, independent, or unsigned), a music label, or an artist manager?

VMN Spotlight for Artists offers multiple avenues for music promotion and awareness across all genres.

Features & Benefits

Since launch, we have helped shoot artists to the next level and we promise to honor your music and do all we can to build your career.

Your music on VMN Music goes deeper with VMN Music Spotlight for Artists using special #spotlight-tags to boost music discovery & awareness, record sales, streaming revenue, radio airplay, and Double Streaming Revenue (DSR) with a single play. This means whenever your music is streamed on VMN Music, you get stream view & play counts on major streaming platforms your music is being distributed (boosting your earnings and discovery), as well as earning from your streams on VMN Music.


We connect your online streams with your information to create a seamless commercial-free music experience for your fans!

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Basic Spotlight for Artists

Basic benefits

  • New music Press Release feature on the VMN Music blog

  • You own the rights to your work

  • Radio airplay

  • Improved visibility and stream revenue

  • Create and share playlists of your artists and songs

  • Chart Placement

  • Up to 7 days Artist and Music Spotlight buzz

Rap Music Performance

Premium benefits *subscription

  • Music Monetization - Claim your artist profile to start earning Double Streaming Revenue (DSR)

  • Pick your start date

  • Analytics

  • Customized artists profiles with unlimited updates

  • Guaranteed Airplay on multiple radio stations with priority spins, BDS monitoring for chart ranking, automated song request function with on-air announcements, now playing tweets, artist & music buzz. Your music stays on our playlist.

  • Up to 30 days Artist and Music spotlight buzz

  • Opportunities for live sessions on VMN TV to connect with fans

  • Opportunity for interviews

  • Opportunity for VMN frontpage home cover

  • Opportunities for VMN Featured #HotNewMusic

  • Replace tracks without losing stats

  • Share and promote your videos

  • New music review

  • Helping you grow your global audience

  • Multiple submissions per month

  • 2x Improved visibility



Angel Sessions

"I am very pleased with the promotions. Your promotional package is definitely worth it.

You have helped so many artists major and independent. I just want you to know, coming from an artist."

Music Artist


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How do I get my music on VMN Music?

How does Spotlight for Artist works?

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