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Claim your music - Double your music revenue - Get paid for your plays on VMN Music with exclusive Spotlight Buzz for new and upcoming releases. Earn double the revenue when your music is streamed on VMN Music and also across other major streaming platforms that you have registered your music with (YOUTUBE, SOUNDCLOUD, SPOTIFY).

Start in three steps;

  • Select a plan,

  • Sign in or register and,

  • Enter the payment details.

You are all set. We will contact you for verification after which your Unique Artist Identification (UAI) code will be sent to you.

Spotlight for Artists submissions - Submit your new and coming releases for Spotlight buzz to including your Unique Artist Identification (UAI) code each time along in the email.


VMN Music is turning passion, music, and technology into an irresistible force that promotes new artists and fosters global networks through a shared love of music and entertainment.

Through music promotions and innovative tags, VMN Music shines spotlights on the music we love and promotes the artists we adore.


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