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Promoting on VMN Music

VMN Music is a great place for you to promote your music with no extra or hiden costs Claim your artist page VMN Music for Artists lets you claim your VMN Music artist page. By claiming your artist page you can manage your music directly Spotlight by VMN Music Through the Spotlight by VMN Music portal, you can start promoting your music at no extra costs Increasing your Visibility on VMN Music We will pitch your music to playlists on VMN Music and your followers While we do what we do to promote, spotlight, and boost your music and career, it is also important that you let your fans know they can have a big impact on your payout if they listen to your songs on VMN Music as free listeners and even a bigger impact as paid subscribing listeners

VMN for Artists

How do I get my songs on VMN Music?

We try to make it easier to get your songs, promote them on VMN Music and reach a wider global audience. There are 4-ways to get your songs on VMN Music. 1. Via your YouTube artist account If you already have a YouTube artist account, your songs are probably already available on VMN Music. Use the search tab to search for your songs on In this case, visit the VMN Music for Artists page for information, opportunities and options to promote your songs, manage and change artist & song information on VMN Music. YouTube also pays you streaming revenue 2. Via a music distributor or label who is already working with a distributor They handle your music licensing, distribution, and pay your streaming royalties across all platforms where your music is distributed 3. Directly via VMN Music for Artists by claiming your artist profile 4. Re-uploading your tracks You can re-upload your tracks on VMN Music without losing your play count to correct them. Claim your VMN Music artist profile to gain access

How do I create a VMN Music for Artists account?

With a VMN Music for Artists account, you can start earning for your streams and also promote your songs for free Click here to create your VMN Music for Artists account.

How can I make money from VMN Music?

Two ways.

  1. With a VMN Music for Artists and Spotlight by VMN Music subscription, you start earning streaming revenue for each time your song is played on VMN Music.
  2. If we choose you for a Live Session (based on Likes, Comments and our DJs’ choices), all money pledged during those performance goes directly to you.

What happens to my copyrights?

You keep them. We only ask you the permission to use your music for promotional purposes - i.e., to promote you.

How does VMN Music pay Royalties and streaming revenue?

VMN Music pays artists with a Spotlight by VMN Music plann for their music streams via a revenue per unique streams fan-powered royalties based model by distributing our monthly net revenue from listeners premium subscription fees and ads. Our net revenue is a subtraction of the money we collect but don’t get to keep which includes payments for things like taxes, credit card processing fees, and billing, along with some other things. Stream Revenue is calculated by tallying the total number of unique song streams in a given month. Since January 1st, 2020 our radio stations became Royalty free stations. As we strive to continue to support you and your music, we will revisit this soon. However, this does not affect your music streaming on VMN Music. Artists are paid once monthly in many cases. The amount recieved is determined by the revenue & stream share and your unique streams. The more your streams, the more you earn If your label or music distributor is in charge of your Spotlight by VMN Music account, exactly when and how much you are paid is determined by them.

How do I update my profile, bio and songs on VMN Music?

Claim your VMN Music Artist Profile to be able to manage your songs directly. You can make changes to your profile and change your artist or song cover. Claim your Profile

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My songs are on VMN Music but I did not upload them. How did they get there?

If you didn’t add your music to VMN Music, it is because you have a YouTube artist account or your label or music distribution company have a YouTube artist account in your name. Reach out to your label or music distribution company directly. If your label or distributor did not add your music, nor do you believe it should be on VMN Music, please make a claim to remove it by emailing us at


Lyrics show in all regions and countries of the world AZLyrics provide lyrics for VMN Music You can manage, add lyrics to your songs via the artist portal by when you claim your VMN Music artist profile See how to claim your profile


Can I listen on my mobile device?

Yes...! No download is necessary. Use the VMN Music Web player on your mobile device as you would on your desktop and start streaming.

How to create a playlist

You can create a public or private playlist on VMN Music Go to the track page > More > Add to Playlist > New playlist

I already have a VMN Music account. Do I need a new one for the Web player?

Yes. VMN Music for Artists is for artists promoting their songs on VMN Music. To like, share, comment on, and create playlists of your favourite songs on VMN Music you need to create a listener/user account via the Web player

How to listen?

Use the VMN Music Web player to listen, create playlists, share, like and follow your favourite artists. You can also listen to artists' and genres radios. To listen to an artist radio, visit the artist's page > more > Go to Artist Radio To listen to a Genre radio, visit the Genre page, click on the antenna icon on the top right corner

What are the benefits of having a VMN Music account?

  • Discover new music and listen to other users' playlists
  • Create and share playlists
  • 'Liking' your favourite bands and their songs helps them get more popular
  • Customise your profile with image, description and social media urls
  • Like your favourite artists and tunes to view later

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